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Memories of a Nightmare: A DWO Short Film by S.n. Tenshi Has been uploaded. Enjoy it in HD! Thanks for Watching!

Man, how long has it been since we've had a dance-off in game? Too dang long.
Dance-off: GO!

Do you still play? o.o
If so.. I WANT A WEAPONS DISCUSSION D8.. didn't really have a particular topic in mind beyond that generalisation.. but.. yeah o.o

*repairs door*
Carry on, people. Nothing to see here.






if you want any seeds for your garden let me know(I get tons of seeds)


Blurb About Me

Well. Here you are. How did you find me?

Let's see. I've been around since the start of Open Beta, been around a long time. I have a few siblings that play the game (Shimo.WL1 and ANnoitra.BP1) and have been around a bit less than I have.
I'm trying (and failing) to make a comeback to the game, since I was semi-retired for the longest time.
I don't like conventional weapons for the modes (cblade for defeat, tsabers for capture, etc.). I know they're good and they're effective, but that sucks the fun out of life. Unless you find enjoyment in pressing one button, then by all means go for it
I know lots about proper emblem sets for all modes, on just about every weapon, along with builds and mods and stuff like that. You need help, I'll try my best to help you out.

And, that is me.
I'm in Shu.