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i love your profile pic sooo cute!!!!!! ^^ +5

i love your profile *-* gir is cute, karma +5 :3

You know, you don't have to be my sugar daddy for me to give you ♥, hun. :)

Your profile makes me so happy with all the Gir... I had to comment, karma, and request to add. xD

hi Doc i never had the chance to thank you for the tips so thanks i submitted a bug report so i'm hoping for a fix in the up coming maints

hi Triblood i had a download error with the minimal client during patching with a char model error & possible file corruption like Zavender also i used Winrar to unlock it should i re download?

*Poke* c:

Haha :3 *Spankyspankyspanks*

hai.+5 for gir :3


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People call me cuttler, i'm here to game and play and RULE THE WORLD >:D *evil zim laugh!* with a taco :D