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I've quit Shaiya. I got sick of dealing with the 9:1 / stupid:intelligent ratio.

Fractal ::64 :: HM :: Luck Pagan
Rockett :: 51 :: NM :: Oracle
Rockett. :: 30 :: UM :: Uber Canta Oracle (I laughed when people hit me)
Nixi :: 30 :: HM :: Battle Oracle
SNART :: UM :: Hybrid Hunter


Fra! Frac! Fractal!
Why don't you pop round for a cup of tea sometime?

It's been ages since you've got a comment so I'll make one since you deserve it. Karma for just for existing.

Hey, I visited your Wiki and I love it alot!!! It is really easy to navigate and find things quickly. I was going to make a Etin Farmer's Guide for the guild. I was wondering if you could add a table like the "do not throw out table" that would act as an at-a-glance Etin guide? Other information that would be really great on a Etin Farmer's Guide would include where to redeem the items and the minimum level to redeem the items. I can still make one myself, it just wouldn't be as awesome as yours :).

First comment yay, Karma for u