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im gone but not forgotten

dont forget my name




karma o.o ~elemeny

haha epic profile pic. sonic is so cool ^^

Blurb About Me

i am a guy who loves amine in touch with it i feel no emotion but pain and sorrow lost so much in life that losing somthing is just a another thing life has no value so but i put that on the side to show my bright violent engetic side but life to make is like a game you gain stuff lose stuff and when you win you quit and that means you die i really liked my online life it was just fun i liked this it was fun no 1 can take it away from me i live to fight to protect my bros and girls from perverts im like a crusader im hard hitting and im very strong my life had lots off people like unholy and the wife i have today i love her but no matter what happens to me rember who saved your ass and who did it i dint do it for fun or to level up i did it for you threw my career for you its hard really so people dont rember me but rember this you will forever remeber me even if u dont you will ;)