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  • Name: Robert
  • Gender: male
  • Birth: Dec 1
  • Location: Walden United States
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thanks to Heartless.Soul for the cool sig


hello Robert and its been while you should add me on FB

watny abellard is my name. I have two accounts so I'm the only Watny Abellard there

Aww you remembered ;v; thanks!! :D
And I will *^* promise

Awws ok D: make sure to keep in touch ;D
And omfg I still haven't gotten skype I AM SO SORRY UGH

read your about me, and yush :3 i just stalking

Hehe owkai, I'll add you when I get home from shool.

OH you were the dude who I thought was random. Resend please~

*Pokes back* Skype, nao

Ooh welcome back! And which server are you playing? :D -hope you're in siren *^^*- And what is your bard's character name? Is it the same as the name on your signature? c:

Ty for the add c:

Ty for the add c:

Blurb About Me

so you want to know something about me? that is why you're reading this is it not? then don't be a lil puss and actually ask me about myself if you can muster the courage to ask me about myself and actually hold a convo with me then you will be rewarded with the answers you are seeking and hey you may even make a good new friend assuming that you are not already one of my friends just stalking my profile *-*