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Gabrielle Marie Anne Filippello


hey wats up?

role playing as monsters in high school. something like rossario + vampire.

i have the third an second

hihi =D

Ur name is angelslayer27? I'm Thunderstorm45 :) Be sure to add me. :)

Thank you for adding me

Awesome dog BTW German Shepard

+5 karma

Have a cool day

o w o your dog ! omg i have a friend who a dog cool !

sup O:


Blurb About Me

Blurb about me? Ok My favorite color is blue.
My favorite animal iz a Horse but I also like dogs.
I have an Xbox360 (Name is Angelo9246).
I also have a Ps3 (Name is AngelSlayer27).
I have two dogs (Cujo corgi) (Faith German Shepard).
And I am a bit of a tomboy.