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  • Name: Morten
  • Gender: male
  • Birth: Nov 17
  • Location: Foldereid Norway
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Sigur Rós - Glósóli from on Vimeo.

Motorpsycho-the slow phaseout
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Blurb About Me

-.VALOR.- guild member August 2008 - Oct 2008 (as Uigeadail)

RosenKreutz guild member Oct 2008 - Nov 2008 (LugLamfhota, TwrchTrwyth, Uigeadail)

illuminati guild officer Nov 2008 - Sep 24th 2009. (SeasonsEnd, MadManMoon)

sovereignty guild leader Sep 24th 2009 - May 10th 2014. (Uigeadail, SeasonsEnd)

[GS]SeasonsEnd/Oswald/Reindeer/Frankenseason on Teos AoL Dec 2009 - Jun 2012.

Retired from Shaiya as of May 10th 2014.

Good luck & happy hunting, all. :)



Haha, well said. :-P The trip was nice and not as expensive as I imagined. ;-)

Ooo, SE active still! (Iaf på forumet) ;p Jag ska till Norge imorgon, dock bara till Oslo. (;

hey sweetie! it was fun to met u ingame again :)

Karma for being wonderful!!

BIGLOVE!!! Why? Because:
1.) You're SE.
2.) Why the heck not? XD
3.) You're just awesome like that :P
4.) It's been way too long since I talked to you.

Good to hear...

Do you live?

Am just dropping in to say hi after more than 6 months offline. Glad to see sov still whooping.
Hope all's well.
Take care


SeasonsEnd/MadManMoon/Uigeadail - retired from Shaiya as of May 10th 2014.