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  • Name: Amber
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  • Location: western, NY United States
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"I'm not scary; I'm just opinionated." Don Henley
"Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. Take out the drugs and there is a lot more room for the other two." Aerosmith's Steve Tyler


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Hey Elfy ^^ Add me Fl, I can't add u for some reason :(

elfy poo!!!!!!!!!!1 add me :P it wont let me add u -.-

Yay!!! that only took... like... Forever! Giggles (wink) good to have you added and look you made to 130! woot woot woot! Much love, be blessed, Lily

Send me friend add elfy !! Karma 4 you :)

hey Elfi :) karma 4 for u:)



Retired....blame Aeria and the mostly the devs