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  • Name: Ashley
  • Gender: female
  • Location: Sterling Colorado United States
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Trolled By Leo!


You're so beautiful

this new picture of yours shows your Full face :lol: very beautiful ashley.

Omg nice picture you are so beautiful.

im jumping between Aion and Jade Dynasty not a huge fan of Aion tho but im awesome in JD have my own guild and with an alliance thats highly ranked. yea cant wait for Aura Kingdom maybe we can play together :P

yea im not too very much interested either unless i get invited back by someone lol which might not happen so meh....but yea if u get into a new game let me know might try it lol. that new game aeria is getting looks interesting for now Aura Kingdom

nope i dont play SB anymore got boring and too much drama oh well i have crap load of stuff lmao....i heard there was a server merge so everyone is all in 1 server lol well if u wanna "PLAY" with me i can lol since i have a few high lvs

Lmao the hamster is already fat thats why its running on the wheel needs to loose a few. so how are u o.o

ty for the karma :) I haven't been on in a while but have been thinking of starting to play again