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• In a world of another, crying out your name; can't you hear my pain •

Blurb About Me

• Tired of being alone, can't control this all alone, I want someone to hear me mourn •
And I know that in fact I have been a little brat all my life I can not lie, cause I know myself so well. To see me crying all night and waking up with a smile so bright. I can not lie, in fact I cry almost all my life. Knowing I am all alone and in such a deep corner stone and I just can't face the fact that I am born to be all alone.


Slots are fulll ;^;

Merry Christmassss - just trying to share a bit of holiday spirit!

Thanks 'u profile is cute!

That's good I'm glad to hear that~ I've been great thanks^^

Heeeeeey♥ how have you been?!?!?!

Ur so mean u were on and didn't text me

Lol. Don't. They will arrest me for being Cute. So don't. Just kidding. XD

Animemaster999 Its me. Promise. The point is...I'm not cute. :P

Haha. Yeah its me. ^_^ I don't think its cute. :3