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foe or friend your choice
ready or not here i come



well my favorites are alot,naruto,riviera,k-on(i havent seen it),hmm a game called mana khemia.
well i like bleach too but ive just played it

well ty for it:)
so,whats your favorite anime?

np and i hope aswell:)
1.hey,how did you find me,i mean what made you to send me a friends request? r u?

beautiful pics.
yay another canadian girl!

omg ty i love urs to it looks so cute :o

ty for the ask:)
hope we become good friends.

y hello random shy girl idk :3

Blurb About Me

im shy, i don't talk a lot but i love to chat with people online, you can ask me anything and i will answer, i like games but i don't play a lot, im an anime freak if you have an anime you like i would like you to tell me so i chick it out. the thought of being a vampire makes me want to screen,