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^^ Gives meh karma something great will happen to you in the next 80 years o.o ^^
I am a wolf! >:} (>.> at least i pretend to be)
Grand Fantasia: IGN: Seara (Wizard; lvl 70) & Okamisan (Sage; lvl 46) & Azuxnya (Archer;lvl 35)/Shunkaha (Hunter; lvl 16, not used much)/Mahigan (Warrior; lvl 22) /Retired characters cause.. life.
Server: N/A
Guild: N/A

Aura Kingdom: IGN; Query (Wiz/Sorc; lvl 65), KorraSato (Guardian/Bard; lvl 42), SparksNevada (Gunslinger; lvl 24)
Server: Hydra, hail Hydra.
Guild: DomoKingdom, N/A, N/A

Hmm.. something about me. Well here are some facts. My name is Coralee, I live in a small town in British Columbia, I am of the age of 21, I have diabetes o.o , uhh music is my love & I love to sing just not in front of peoples(I've sung on Ventrilo before for many people still get nervous when I do), i have a weird obsession for creepy/eerie things, i love photography & I aspire to become a photographer of some sort eventually and the internet now slightly bores me cause I'm on it too often. I never know what else to put here QQ lol~~

Likes: I like to read, I like watching youtube all the time lol, i love sleep but i have a love/hate relationship with it, i like things that creep me out that give me chills i love that stuff, the colour GREEN! , i love love love love love love love love love wolves(if you couldnt tell im obsessed),i love basketball but only watching, did i say i loved photography *.*~~
Dislikes:... people tapping there feet or fingers or anything and I can feel the vibrations. sexist, racists and the like lol





-licks- i ish bored D:

LOL like ur playlist lmao

-licks- you've been licked by sparky =P

Le Poof Poof~ o/

YO CORA!! WASSSUUUUPP CUZZZZZZIIIIIN?! xD lmao sorry over-tired and crazy Lmao! .....being over-tired makes me do and say weird things life for instance I LOVE CIRCLES/POCKY/PENS/LEMONS!!! xD oki Good night lol

Of course I'll share cookies with you! ♥ (>^0^)> ( :: )

wolves suck!!! .... ... just kidding!!

wolves are awesome!!!

kola reee!!