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  • Birth: Jun 5
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forgot my pw to this account;
new one is this one ahhaa.

heyyyyyyyy Annie try to find me on fb cuz thats the only way I'll stay in touch with u. from some guy that has a fb (Aaron). if u cant fnd me, just look thru Karina's friends

ola joia :D

made an msn

Listen to Turn Me On by David Guetta ft. My second favorite female rapper Nicki Minaj!

it was karon who was joking about crack.


biography: crack addict,drunker version of snooki from jersey shore,
nuff said

karon thinks im on crack and thinks i sniff crack almost every time of day.
whats next? smoking weed?!

Blurb About Me

i walk into the club and say, "annyeong, dj play something korean"




i'll put korean music here later. lmao