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our GM over here on DWO (splitkicks)
could defenitly learn a thing or two from you on how to get people to buy ap!

So you like to eat ponies ey?

You've lost weight

Wow, I surprised you posted a pic of yourself on your profile that's against company policy..

^^ I know I am late but welcome to Grand Fantasia :3 -leaves a cookie on your profile-

and.. he smiled again

:D Karma 4 u!

welcome and pwease fix our game Q.Q or try to keep it going atleast i like GF and i dont really feel like switching to a different one D: took me 4ever to get 70 XD
nice to meets chu btw :3 (though i havent met you yet xD )

Welcome to Grand Fantasia, I wish you good luck :D

Here's to you, good luck on trying to fix our game. I'll be rooting for you.

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I like butter, Lard, horse meat, men with hats and walrus blubber.