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- I have Quitted WolfTeam after playing it for 5 years, since it became so Unbalanced game. I've done my dream for this game which was to get a Star rank(General), being well known and Respected.


----------------------------~~ [ CNb4dboy aka Danger ] ~~


hey Abdul, long time no see, just commenting on how u are doing, and how (if she's still there) Sophie?

nice 2222 visitors XD

I know exactly what you mean haha. I been playing SF2 and CSGO if you wanna kill some noobs again some time =p

How you been?


u miss me !

btw, i sent you a PM :p

My names Abdul ;p I've been playing wolfteam on and off for about 3 years now, To my surprise I thought that name would've been taken earlier >.>, I didn't make a forum acc earlier cause I didn't think I'd need one but ohwell :S, Hey :D