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I Love Metal!

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Quit Shaiya in 2012/2013


Dewiiii chan :3
I just seen your com hehe
hugs , miss yaaa


I wouldn't say I play actively, but I do play for about a hour when I get home from work, but as soon as pvp is over I just log off for the whole day :P.

Might consider coming back to AOL too ^^

Hai Dewi been a while!

Btw was that you in 60 pvp earlier today :P


hey there :) it has been a while :)


Yoko Kanno is mai waifu.

O_____o Mountain Dewi....!!!!!

Happy New Year Ann & have an awesome 2014 !!

PS: Karma added to get you started for the year ahead !


I want you to be everything that's you, deep at the center of your being.

I miss my bunny Esme

I've quit