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  • Name: Miranda
  • Gender: female
  • Birth: Sep 9
  • Location: Los Angeles United States
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Blurb About Me

"You can hurt yourself if you play with scissors."

- That is exactly what my little Microsoft office buddy told me just now. And I shall take it to heart =D

- I have retired from Shaiya. You can reach me through Skype, YIM, or email, PM me if you would like them. I come to check my PMs around once a week. It was a great run for over four years for me, and I will never forget the friends I made, both those who I have lost contact with and those I am still blessed to speak with. I spent many months trying to ignore the fact that I was losing interest and faith, and it finally got down to the final straw in December. I truly hope I will come back someday and find a spark again and see the same people I miss.

- I enjoy a lot of things, writing and observational space-outs are a couple I often find myself doing. My time in Shaiya has been spent learning how to be the best Priest I can possibly be, and the rest of the time freaking out that I'm gonna let someone down! I work at Del Taco and enjoy the double takes I get when I begin speaking Spanish.

- I was honored to be a GS until it finally sunk in that we were not going to be listened to and we were not taken seriously. We were told we did not know everything (or anything, for that matter), and we were ignored. If you have the strange urge to become a GS, ask any former GS about it. My time with the community was wonderful, and I wish I still had it in me to help.

- Through my time here I have made many wonderful friends, and I thank everyone who has put up with my anxiety, my demon side, and above all my ceaseless chatter. Everyone I met in this game has a spot in my heart and they shall always remain there.

- I very much enjoy helping people out, so if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.


Server: Teos

HM Lvl 70 Hybrid Rec/Wis Priest: Zekoyah (Main PvP and Shaiya toon. Retired.)
NM Lvl 55 Full-INT Mage: Zekiirah (Going for Lv60. Retired.)
UM Lvl 15 Rec Priest: MiraCat (1-15 PvP Priest. Retired.)
UM Lv68 Rec/Wis Priest: Lolaeta (Last attempt at staying interested in game. Retired.)


I got conned into trying out Scarlet blade. It's pretty fun, tbh. But it's not the crack that shaiya was for 4+ years.

How about you?

I didn't see your comment done two weeks ago until now...sorry...

And hello milady. Hope you're having a good time.


evening. *tips hat*

i am also retired for the time being havent played in nearly a yr, i hop on when i can but due to real life i have very little time, and games just cant be fit in

"- I very much enjoy helping people out, so if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask."
We need good priests.. Come back ;)

Miss you! - Kam

Well if you get bored come try 1-15 on PX....its laid back.

All your toons retired?




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I spent an hour fixing broken links and replacing songs with the correct ones. Enjoy!

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Signatures are probably my favorite thing about this community (other than people like Avyn, of course) and clicking above shows off great artwork I've been lucky enough to be indulged with!