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Ty Charn...


Glad we were able to connect. Sorry to hear your no longer playing LC.I am not able to get on myself a lot, but I appreciate the use of your dags.Just know they are safe and will be returned.
As for FB That site is dangerous. I removed mine.You should read the fine print in the " terms and conditions" you signed. You might not feel so safe yourself. Ofcourse what is considered "safe" on the internet anymore,Or anywhere for that matter lol
You are always welcome to drop me a line here or with my email. It's posted on my page as well. Take care

Hi, YoY Been popin in now and then but I never see you. Was told you quit game? Well I still have the dags and I will keep them safe and sound til either you or Charn come in. Hope all is well...

AKA: AureA

FOUND YOU!!!!!! raul! u cant hide anymore MUWHAHAHAHA