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nothing.just exams have started and i have to study..poor me!

hi,ty for asking:)
nice to meet by the way.
and you are zack's sis? cool:)

.......................... whait what am i doing here hmmmm i forgot :P

Hi:) nice to meet u

hey cool thnx for the ad love the bckground karma for u

hey thnx 4 the add & cool profile

kiki. cool name =) so how ya doin?



Blurb About Me

Name : Kiki Star
Nick Name : Yuni
Birthdate : 11/11/94
Birthplace : Vero Beach FL
Current Location : Vero Beach FL
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Black
Height : 5'6"
Weight : 108lb
Piercings : Yes
Tatoos : No
Boyfriend/Girlfriend : No
Vehicle : No
Overused Phrase : Burn in Hell!
Food : any thing sweet
Pub/Disc/Restaurant : IDK
Candy : Skittlez
Number : 13
Color : Purple/Black
Animal : Cheetah
Drink : Pepsi
Perfume : Sunflower
Anime: Inuyasha, Bleach, Full Metal Alchmist, Elfen Lied, Dragon Ball Z
Music Album : Meteora / by linkin park
Movie : IDK
This or That
Pepsi or Coke : Pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing : McDonalds
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee : Hot Chocolate
Kiss or Hug : Both
Dog or Cat : Kittiez
Rap or Punk : Punk (rap can burn in hell)
Summer or Winter : Winter (I wove the cold)
Scary Movies or Funny Movies : both
Love or Money : love
Bedtime : NO BED TIME
Most Missed Memory : my kittie T.T
Best phyiscal feature : IDK
First Thought Waking Up : when can I go bak to sleep
Ambition : Do what I can with what I got
Best Friends : Yes
Weakness : no
Fears : Are you kiding
Longest relationship : 3 years
Cheated Your Partner : No
Ever been beaten up : No
Ever beaten someone up : Yes
Ever Shoplifted : no
Ever Skinny Dipped : Nope
Ever Kissed Opposite sex : Yes
Been Dumped Lately : Yes
IN A Boy
Favorite Eye Color : Blue
Favorite Hair Color : Black
Short or Long : Short
Height : Taller then me
Style : anything hot
Looks or Personality : Both
Hot or Cute: Cute
Muscular or Really Skinny : In da middle
What country do you want to Visit : Japan
How do you want to Die : shot down in a firefight
Been to the Mall Lately : No
Get along with your Parents : Sorta
Health Freak : no
Do you think your Attractive : little
Believe in Yourself : yeah
Want to go to College : yesh
Do you Smoke : no
Do you Drink : no
Shower Daily : yes
Been in Love : yes
Do you Sing : very well
Want to get Married : Some day
Do you want Children : To much pain X.X
Age you wanna lose your Virginity : IDK
Hate anyone : Hell ya