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The Canadian Moose :) Go! Hannah Moosetana !


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Hi! So first of all, I really am a female :) I am an old timer back at ijji, started playing SF back in April 2007
My past names are XsnipergirlX, aF_FairyGirl, PaintedFairy, ^[T]hatFairy, and
Now I am a Gamesage for the game Soldier Front which I love so much :)

GS since Dec 2012 ~ Present

I have some strange music interests. I absolutely LOVE I mean LOVE Disney shows such as Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Good Luck Charlie which is why my favourite artists are Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Bridget Mendler :D

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Valentine's Day Event 2013 Participant Farewell Soldier Front!