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I am the greatest of all!
LukeDin.XC1/Grand General/LB/Valiance/Prime Minister(Grand Master rank)/Guild Officer


My Theme Song:

2012:Orge Theme of Street Fighter X Tekken


omagah!i see why you thought i was kaito now!
i put that pic up because it was the 1st art i did on the computer and i was proud of it.
sorry for the confusion/misunderstanding

thats our website.
plese don't be offended but i don't like giving away forum names.
and like i said he would never see it any way.
he only logs on to get ap.
so sign up for chatlingo
and leave lordy a message.
take care hojo.

Blurb About Me

Real Name(English):Timothy Andrew Thompson
People Call Me:Tim,SGHojo(literally)and Hojo(literally)
Other names:SGHojo(literally)
Age:28(picture above is my drawing of myself)
Born:April 1993 in Wisconsin Dells,Wisconsin,USA
Bloodline:French British
Skin Colour:White(American version)
Favorite Bands:Coldplay,One Republic and Guns 'n Roses
Favorite Food:Burger King
Favorite Drink:Iced Lemonade
Favorite Song:Viva La Vida(Coldplay)
Favorite Personality:David Archuleta
Favorite Idol(DWO):Yurisaki
Friends(DWO):Jino.ZT1(4th Elite General,as of 2012),strobava(Fwiffo,best friend),LordKaito.PG1,ganning89(caoning),Dawny101(Dawny101),Chronos,sirloin14(sirloin,distant friend)
Personality:Cool and Calm

Test Results:English-100-A+
Foreign Languages-67:B-

Club(Sport):Football(School Football Team Captain)
Club(Uniform):Scout(Junior Scout Master)
Club(Social):English Society(President)

Elementary School(Graduated in 2002):Neenah Creek Elementary School,Briggsville,Wisconsin Dells
Middle School(Graduated in 2005):Lake Delton Middle School,Lake Delton,Wisconsin Dells
High School(Graduated in 2011):Wisconsin Dells High School,Wisconsin Dells,Wisconsin
University(current):Harvard University on Egineering Degree.

Games I Play:Dynasty Warriors Online-since this year(2012)
DDTank-since 2011
Wolf Team-since 2011
Eden Eternal-since Closed Beta

Dynasty Warriors Online:LukeDin.XC1/LB/Cavalry General/Valiance
Eden Eternal:GamePitFallen/lvl 65/Martial Artist
Wolf Team:CLamberg

Skate 3 Fails and Bails(made by me,for real)

I swear to god that I would not lie ever again.

Subscribe to me(kokeiya) and Firewing0(my British friend)

My trip to Japan(2011):kokeiya

DW6 Empires Gameplay(Firewing0)

My younger brother Jason got his DW6 Empires game and played it.P.S:My house is that the background.

My Tekken 6 PSP name:GodOfAges
Example:Character Name(Rank)
My chars and their ranks:
Kuma(Tekken God)
Baek Doo San(Asura)
Lei Wulong(Dragon Lord)
Nina Williams(Tekken God)
Craig Marduk(Tekken Lord)
Paul Phoenix(Dragon Lord)
Feng Wei(Dragon Lord)
Kazuya Mishima(Tekken God)
Lars Alexandersson(Tekken God)
Alisa Boskonovitch(Tekken Emperor)
Jin Kazama(Tekken God)
Sergei Dragunov(Tekken Emperor)
Armor King(Tekken God)
King(Tekken God)
Julia Chang(Asura)
Anna Williams(Dragon Lord)
Marshall Law(Tekken God)
Ganryu(Tekken God)
Roger Jr.(Tekken God)
Mokujin(Tekken God)
Jack-6(Tekken God)
Bryan Fury(Tekken God)
Eddy Gordo(Tekken God)
Christie Monteiro(Tekken Emperor)
Ling Xiaoyu(Tekken God)
Devil Jin(Tekken God)
Asuka Kazama(Tekken God)
Bob(Tekken Emperor)
Leo(Tekken Emperor)
Miguel Caballero Rojo(Tekken Emperor)
Zafina(Tekken Lord)
Lili Rochefort(Tekken Emperor)
Hworang(Tekken God)
Heihachi Mishima(Tekken God)
Lee Chaolan(Tekken God)
Steve Fox(Tekken God)
Bruce Irwin(Tekken God)
Yoshimitsu(Tekken God)
Wang Jinrei(Tekken God)