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  • Name: Meggy
  • Gender: female
  • Location: Your Worst Night mare ^^ Netherlands
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Participated in Last Chaos Six Year Anniversary Event!


I knew it!!

I know you liked it! :P


Jij bent toch 17x ?

Merry Cristmas :)

im trying to relax tbh. Btw when i get bk to gameplay, i pm u to say if i got my prize. Apart from that.... Rock on, time to relax xd

how are u? :D


Blurb About Me

Heya There!

Welcome to my profile ^^ I am Vlindchi Aka MegaBabe Aka MrsMeggy in game and in real life they call me Meggy :) MegaBabe/MrsMeggy is a high level Cleric that will heal u all till Death! Nothing to fear of mwuhaha! U can find me on all servers under this name and if u need help or advice then u can always try to find me in game and whisper me or send me a pm over the forum (be aware i not look often my pm's, just once a day).

From the start on i have leveld with a wand, even skill point farming! To play a supporters class u need lots of patience, time and accept that others level faster then u. If u can't handle one of them then a supporters class is nothing for u! Sometimes i needed 10 hours for gain even one level! At hight level u need even more then 10 hours a level but its worth it what u get as return.
Dont Mess with me tho!
My Quite: ~ . ' . ~ True Cleric forever ~ . ' . ~ In Game and in Heart! ~ . ' . ~
Take that Archers!

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