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Cthulhu RK 15X.
Nosferatu NS 11X.

GA: GodsAmongMen


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make ur name there lol

there is a age limit lol its 15 :P

bu then little kids could swear at us lmfao

no thts what we think is the best way to go, lol GMs can do it some kinda ting with the whole filter thing, has been suggested many a time lol

o yeah lol, i cant put come, i either have to pu c0me or cum, its ridiculous, even spammers have there way around it, so they can always b here, gamelc or what ever the site is should b banned tht way they cant spame lol

i thought u might of sd tht lol, and EP2 is like next month, bu i bet it dont come this tuesday bu more 2-3 weeks from now lol

ill get over once i get a b6eva cast up to take my defence one away and actually have some kinda cash then lol...thinkin selling ma defence set any way lol

popsicles lol

well i had a couple b5 drops from 75-77 sets, bu guess what lmfao there all forti stuff, well apart from ma b5 titan sword lol

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I train MMA, lift weights, and just about everything else the normal gamer doesn't do. But I still have time to kick ass on Last Chaos. Find me on Vinicius.