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By AngelicaAnne
[img][/img]Ninja penguin by Lady.Leaf

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Blurb About Me

Lets see... My name is Charles but been going as Charlie since i was a child but please for the sake of DoMO call me Tri
I hate people misspelling my name as Trie or Tried or worse....313(Gato >.>) Because it means that u dont know what its saying
Favorite Color is Red
Anime Ftw ( Soul Eater, Bleach, Naruto,when nothing else is on, FMA BROTHERHOOD!!!!)
if u know any good ones leave a comment cause summer is gonna leave me time to watch some new anime XD
Socially awkward but i get by
domo player since may 8th of 08
I like figuring problems on the computer...I swear its like a puzzle to me.
IGN:triedge313, Sapphire Server


Karma for you! :3

poe e.e ur punished never to come to this profile again e.e -kicks trie- lol

ftw dun hate on lady gaga DX -aoe slaps-


Just Tri please...Ninja Penguin is watching