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Just thought I'd stop and say hey :) -leaves pie-

Hope you have happy holidiays!

yo, trying to make new friends i see ;)


-leaves pie-

HI! :D

Blurb About Me

So I'm pretty much new on this TandemAnn account. My first account was sing4me_nana back in 2006. I have been an Aeria Gamer for many years and I have taken breaks from this place many, many times but I always come back for more. The only game that made me really come back all the time was DoMO. Ever since it got shut down I haven't played any MMORPG's until now. I just started playing Eden Eternal and I really like how fast I pick up on it. I hope to create a guild one day and make so many friends as I did before when I was back playing on DoMO!!