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Iko did not level out of 15.

Oh koo.. I heard that 15 is going down and Goddess PvP is getting crazy atm.. so yeah I'm def gonna do 80's too when I get back to gaming .. probably soon-ish ';..;'

Scuuubbbyyyyyy...!!!!! Hi hi .. No I haven't been in game. Real life been keeping me busy. But I will soon tho maybe earlier perhaps before the Summer.. How you been ?!?! Miss You!! BTW are you doing 80's PvP or Canta o_O? I will be doing Canta and 80's once I come back ;-) hope to see you then.

Scuuubbby. Please make a fury 15 toon and come pvp with us now!!

Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! ';..;'

I saw you o.,o

I have Scuby Snacks .... IT'S MINE I WILL NOT GIVE IT BACK TO YOU !!!!
/ruuuuuns (devil)

Scubyyyy !! i miss you too!! =) yes, Things are great, im a happy happy bee :* hehe. Hope you are doing well my friend. big big hugs :*

HUGGGGSSS for my scubyyyyyyyy :*

Scubbyyyyy LOVE iMY !!! I'm doing great! :) Just keeping myself busy with RL.. Lol cause you.. I can't stand certain people in game hahaha.. Hope everything is going good for you! Should Skype me sometimes !