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Blurb About Me

LongGone ♡

kthxbai ♥


"Why worry now?You'll be safe, Hold my hand, just in case."


xoxo, ♥



xD im fine,how bout u? xD u dont play shaiya anymore? xD

Hi how are u xD *creepy voice*

Nya~ OuO
Mizu says hi

-pokes ;)


Bard is pretty boring to me unless I'm doing a dungeon or something. Prolly gonna level up my main once I hit 60. ;~~~; Your sig is super cute! Wdff :C ♥♥♥ I'm having fun usually, but that's mostly because of my guild~ Hope to play with you soon!

lol ur 'angpao' is not ready :p
even im older then u im still young inside! wahahah
Hope u enjoy ur holiday ❤
oh and for the siggy..haha i like it!
so u back off it mine!! LOL
tyvm!! muahh muahh ❤❤❤❤

pls pls do so!
but i dont have any idea what i want hahah..
so can i leave it to u? :p
oh btw Gong Xi Fat Cai❤❤❤

Oh right, I forgot all about Chinese New Year~ QQ I play Grenadier, Bard & Wizard~ ♡♡♡

Oh my goodness, haii! AK is so much fun, how are you liking it so far~? I'm doing great just doing stuff on AK and waiting for February, what about you? Exams suck, blehhh I hate them! :C Spammy spammm ♡