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NEGRAMARO with ELISA "Basta così" - Video Ufficiale

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away

Travis Barker Remix - Soulja Boy

Divine Brown - Lay it on the Line


It's been a while. How have you been? It's me, SintSuke.

Waren Story is back!!!! Its now published by GPlayon. Check it out.


The world did not end.

Silly you, I forgot all about Aeria, then I randomly checked my other hotmail and saw that you left a comment. - Pats head. - Adorable, as always.


Amazing job in WS forums, is there anything that you did not get a SS of?

Hey Stela. We haven't seen you in Waren Story's forum lately at all. Hope every thing's okay!

Why don't people give you more karma? you iz pro :3

* gives karma and says hello :3 *

You welcome :3



Blurb About Me

The first time that I read Desiderata, I was 18 years old. I've tried to make it my spiritual philosophy ever since. I work long hours and during my off time, I'll admit to being a Computer Junkie.

As a Baby Boomer, I grew up listening to music with a beat, heavy on the bass. I enjoy the arts, nature, people and I love to dance. The YouTube videos shown here, reflect my interest in all types of music and my love of life!

Aeria gamewise, my Last Chaos and Shaiya characters are retired. My Dreamlords, DragonSky and Twelve Sky characters disappeared forever, with the closure of each of those games. I had prepared for and played a long time ago, the Next Chapter, Twelve Sky 2, and while it was enjoyable then, now with the lack of honest gamesmanship, it's nearly futile to play. I have beta tested nearly every game published by Aeria Games and none can compare with Twelve Sky although, DragonSky came very close. I sincerely hope that one day, Aeria publishes another contender and that they guard it like gold.

My philosophy in action ~ right click the link below to open it in a new window, turn up the volume and just wait, in a moment the images and music will sweep you away!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let The Heavens Rejoice! Peace ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dance often and sing and if ever I'm not here to hug you then ~~~~

Red Dot ~ My place by the River ~ NASA Photo of the City of Montreal at Night

~~~~~~~ Montreal Time ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~