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As you can tell i loooooove TVD, and this is a memorable moment with Damon and Elena♥♥♥
Hope u enjoyed it as much as i did.

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Damon and Elena, the best match ♥

Hiya Tina :)

I know we really couldnt get more as friends, but i really appreciate everything you have done :)

Probably i didnt behave in a good way when i should have and im really sorry for that. Your a good person and i know that, im sure about it ^^

Thanks for showing me you were really someone i can trust, no matter what happened.

I know you are in a relationship with Pablo and i hope both can make the best of it ^^ take care of him and dont let him be a nub like always haha

Wish you the best Tina, probably we wont see each other again ^^

Take care

Your friend Alexandra