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i havent eather i just started getting back on so :) wats up


AIYA ROMAAA please forgive me not reutnring back so sooon!!!!! -bows, bows, bows-

-walks off without a word-

-she wrapped her pinkie around his then turned- I'll let you know if it worked once I'm done.

Pinkie promise?

.................. You only want me to do that so you can have Ava.

He tends to... But he's not my responsibility now. His physical age is older then mine. -she frowns slightly- It's not like he'd listen to me anyway.... -sighs- Ava gets everything too.

I guess I did... but what's making you so sad?

*walks over and grabs his wrist* I didn't say leave..

((oh........ ))


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**this is an anime character speaking...please dont find it offencive** yes, yes we all know who i am. im lovino, also better known as romano. (****it spain do i have to do this?...b-but why?...fine) anyways my grandpa is rome and im the southern half--(cough)-better half-(cough) of italy. i like tomatoes pasta and pizza.AND ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY DONT LIKE THOUGHS FOODS, I WILL SEND MY MAFIA AFTER THEM, AND THEN PUT A MUSTACHE ON THEIR FACE ****IT! (spain? are you /laughing/ at me?! oh your gonna get it now!!!) wait one second...i have some business to take care of...(now come here you little tomato bastard!!! *a few hours later* ha! thats wha- why are you still laughing ****it?! im not weak!!!...shut up! just shut up now!!!...good, now just stay there and dont say a word until im done, got it?) sorry about that, i had a little...problem...with a certain person... anyways where was i? (see what you do spain! you made me loose my place!...idiot) thats right i was talking about what i like. well another thing i like is-(what was that spain?...I DO NOT LOVE YOU FOR THE LAST TIME!...WHO TOLD YOU THAT?!......WELL PRUSSIA AND FRACE LIE!!!)-instead let me rant about what i dont like, for instance /dont/ like people telling me what to do, i dont like that potato bastard my brother hangs out with, and i hate food that tastes bad!!! (...what?...well i /was/ going to mention you in the things i dont like but--.....that is not true spain!!!) now time for a bit of info about my past...i was enslaved to austria for awhile...god i hate that guy...he made me work everday, with only a few meals of rotten food...but i was too much trouble for him! i fought him off and--(...that was too true!!!.....f-fine...ill tell the truth...) hehe...nevermind about that last part...well austria desided to give me away because i couldent do anything he gave me to this overly happy optomistic guy named antonio fernandez carriedo, also known as spain (no im not blushing spain!!!.....thats-thats..well..i dont know what that is, BUT ITS NOT BLUSH ****IT) spain took care of me for awhile, but he still made me work, and clean his stupid house...but he wasnt like austria...whenever i made a mess he wouldent get mad at me, he would just clean it up for me instead (hey hey hey! that was an accedent spain! i didnt mean to pee on the floor! i just couldent find that stupid bathroom!!!....but spain! i dont want to tell them about that! it makes me sound weak!!.....fine!) (sigh) h-he also savedc me when turkey captured me...BUT he did try and trade me for my goody-two-shoes brother! AND he /didnt/ save me when england captured me!!! he was "too busy" makeing roses for his boss!! i think he was just scared of england since england beat him so badly when he tryed to be a pirate (yes spain! you do fail at being a pirate!!! do to!!!) so that macho potato germany came to save me and my brother...he returned me to spain bla bla bla spain taught me some of his culture bla bla bla...a few rape attempts later bla bla bla i grew up bla bla bla and me and spain have been living together ever since then...but now that im grown up, and am free from slavery, i dont have to clean that stupid tomato bastards house, i just get to live in his house and--(no is not because i love you ****it....its have tomatoes here!...stop saying i have acrush on you!!!...thta wasnt a kiss!...i dont know what it was, it was a wierd freak of nature ****it!!!...STOP LIEING TO ME!!!....YOU ARE TOO LIEING!!!...I SAID STOP IT NOW OR ILL-ILL...THROW THIS TOMATO AT YOU....STOP LAUGHING AT ME ****IT!!!...IM NOT CUTE WHEN IM MAD!!!....dont. you. no! dont touch my curl!!!....STOP! SPAIN YOUR TOO CLOSE TO ME!!! EEEEEEE I SAID DONT TOUCH THERE!!) u-um...h-having i-issues...go-got to g-go...ciao! (SPAIN STO--CCCCCCHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGIIIIIIIII----s-spain?)