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Ahhh, I gotcha. If you ever get tired of Shu, we're welcome in Wei. :] Good luck. o.o

Cao Cao - Wei. Heard you're in Shu with Zet, Chao, and Cao. How's that?

Ahhh. XD Makes sense. His epicness needs avenging, yes.

Ooooh. What made you come back? :3

I do, but not very much after I got hacked. Mostly just playing Tera Online right now. What's up?

SLIDE!!!! whats up? how ya been? where you been?

You live! That means I must rip up this missing person report. I know how that feeling goes, but in any case, I look forward to seeing you in-game one day :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy V-day :3

Haha I always used to use Maxi when I played with my brother. Who knew I'd find a certain [Slide]man who'd be just like him? ;] Ah so that's what you listen to. That was cute. How do you like being back in Chaotics? I don't see you online anymore. I also still have a debt to pay you, and I don't leave those unpaid ~