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Blurb About Me

Welcome Traveler, welcome to my humble abode,
I am known as Sir Adrian, the wandering swordsman, coming from a distant world and plane...lost in time and space,
it is nice to make your acquaintance;
where ever I go,
I try to leave the place better than I found it,
I fight for the good, on behalf of the good sake,
while as side quest, i struggle seeking the ultimate knowledge, the true meaning of everything as it is and/or the absolute Truth, which some say they are the same thing and/or are entwined; and the wise men conclude that such knowledge is unreachable yet must be searched for and aimed to found for even so...
"Is there anything i can help you with?"
(Note: if you want to know more about the real person behind the computer, you can check on my facebook or so :D, im a Detective on Real life, play soccer almost daily basis and do much excercise, plus sometimes also do other random stuff hobbies when time and mood allows it, im very Versatil, yes the picture is me on a vanity training day, im a little more strong now a days, but is still some accurate of how i look as for today. Of course, im not trying to sound arrogant at all lol, but yes, im proud of my good shape for which i train everyday ^_-)


"When it comes to do the good, what must be done, what is right,
As long as there is a chance, however remote, it is worth the gamble"


Memories of a Nightmare: A DWO Short Film by S.n. Tenshi Has been uploaded. Enjoy it in HD! Thanks for Watching!

Hey there! best Eastern sword and Scimitar user >:D...mock me D:!!!!!!!!!!

hiiii Adriaaaaaan:3