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Trolled By Leo!


where chu go sine amore?

hi hi ok. This is how you make the sauce. It's very simple just get some sour cream (or something like it.) And some mircal whip not mayo the mircal whip the stuff you put on salads. Then put some orange juice in it and wisk it up. =) It taste sooo very good. It also makes a nice sauce for shrimp or cold pasta or a salad. Hope he can eat that enjoy. :D

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your profile so cool ! :)

*visits user profile for, Sine_Amore*

. . . . .

*digs up old FFIX game*


This profy needs more pictures of you ;)

Thanks for the add, Sine Amore. I voted for you star Karma. woohoo!

*Pokes* Look at my updated page hehehe.


Blurb About Me

I know I'm weird, but thanks for reminding me. ;P

Although my name says 'Sine_Amore', I usually go by Amore, Samore, Rein, Rois, or Keir in most games. I have also been known to go by ReinRois. If you see me, feel free to chat. I may be weird, but it's the good kind of weird. xP
*Scarlet Blade:
(Andromeda) (RG)Amore, (FK)Samore, (FK)Sinamor
(Valkyrie) (RG)Amore, (RG)Sinamor, (FK)Samore
(Venus) (FK)Amore, (FK)Samore, (RG)Sinamor
*Crystal Saga:
(Server 1) Keir, Zealous
(Server 2) Keir
(Server 1) Keir
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