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I enjoy your profile pic very much o.o

That's a nice avatar you got. *w*

*-* brother! ♥
-stalks page-


Blurb About Me

"You came for me...that's all that matters."

I'm Gary. I'm 18. I'm not your average person. Get to know me first and judge for yourself. Don't read a book by its cover. ♥

This was posted after a long night without sleep... forgive my poor typing.

They call me: Gary, Aer, Lil,Lily, Ditz.

Gender: Male.

Age:18, soon to be 19.

Date of Birth: August 23rd, 1992.

Current Location: Under your bed.

Occupation: not really, I'm just watching you. In an odd way. o_o

A little more about me: I'm shy, yet loving by nature. I can't resist a nice intelligent conversation. I'm fond of a small group of people, but if I like you, you'll have yourself a very loyal friend. I'm going to be starting college soon and I couldn't be more excited. I'm very quick to form friendships because I'm friendly, and even though I may seem hyper and loud online, rest assured, I'm nowhere near as hyper offline. I tend to be emotional, yet when there are situations that require me to be serious, I will give my honest opinion, leaving my personal feelings on the matter aside if the situation calls for that.

Strengths: Self-confident, artsy, and intelligent. Don't laugh at that last one Q.Q

Flaws: The basic human flaws. :P

Likes: Cake, food with faces, music, art, and learning. (Yes, I'm serious)

Dislikes: Ignorant people, VERY bright lights, dead things, and did I mention ignorant people? Also, let me clarify that I don't hate people who can't learn or haven't had the chance to for some reason. It's people who won't because they simply don't want to.

Skills: Drawing! And singing! I think... D:

Hobbies: MMOs , writing, reading, drawing, and cosplaying.

But anyway! Add me or send a message! I love to hear about other people and what they do when I'm not stalking them to no end. :3

"You see? Everything's...alright."