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X3 wouldn't blame you if you didn't; I'm just looking forward to Aura Kingdom here

karma for you :D

SHELLZ... yeah yeah, long time noe see, i don ply dynasty warriors anymore, dont play smt anymore... been stuck on EVE online and workin. Anywhoooz, just dropped by to show sum ♥... and throw ya some karma (>^;^)/

random karma~(:

:3 Karma 4 u.

LOooooooooooooooong poke :)!!!




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I just a woman who come to online to release my stress of my daily work, why i sound like military and some harsh word? umm, because of my current work and previous job. And i hate some bad guy violating traffic while i'm look out. That's not much about me but i'll open up till i feel really talk to :)

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