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+5 for the awesomely cute drawing you posted ;~; wish I had that cute taste in my drawing skills too LOL

+5 Karma for you! you have mad drawing skills ;~; i- i envy you v.v

Must... resist... urge... to... squeeze... dancing... kitty... *SQUEEZE*


Two Years of Eden Eternal!

Blurb About Me

Hi There, My name is Kat -^^-.

I'm an outgoing and energetic Eden Eternal player. My main specialties are support classes (mainly sage and bard). -^^-

When I'm not playing EE, I enjoy other games such as:
★ Pokemon
★ Minecraft
★ The Sims
★ Spore

I also like:
★ Music
★ Drawing
★ Watching Anime
★ Reading Manga

I don't want to bore you too much, so if you want to know more about me, send a pm :P