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  • Name: Meggie
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Blurb About Me

Aura Kingdom ♥

I'm a student and a fitness junkie.♥

I like participating in events, even those really silly ones. I love the AGE games and the community, It's probably why after six years here I keep coming back. I have tons of great memories of PvP battles with guildies, late night grinding/ raid sessions with friends, and all the the just daily parties we would do.

IGNS: [Chrysandra or Eurieka]
Class: Cleric or Magic DPS



Hola :P

Just saying hi.. ^^

Your Secret Santa wanted you to have this gift. Merry Christmas and Besh wishes.

Hey Megan :D

Hiya Hauiko! well, how's Rock Lee doing? He okay?

^_^ Thought I'd drop in and say hi..


heh, maybe :)

thanx :D