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Blurb About Me

Hi ^_^, I play Shaiya on the Lailah server as Alliance of light. lol, I'm pretty much new at this. But yea, my name is Romeo & I'm 18. I'm a poetic person that loves to have fun, write,drawing & photography.but yea , when I'm not playing World of Warcraft I play Shaiya or write poems or hang with my friends. I'm pretty much an outgoing person ^_^. I love music and everything about it. So don't critisize anything I listen to because I have my own opinions about things. I love writing poetry and Songs. I love Cooking, Baking,Cleaning & Going out and partying and I love cookies,candy, Ice Cream & pop lmao
I know I'm weird, but I don't care ^_^

but yea thats pretty much it, lol so yea I'll see yall later ^_^



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