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Playing AGE games since Apr 23, 2008.




whats up bro, it has been a while lol, and I'm doing fine. I play a game called smite when I have free time.

Hey, this is Rimatouya. I just use this account now.

whats up

Whats up I just been studying and working.How is GW2?

Haha, it has for sure. I don't really play AGE games anymore. How have you been?

Hows it going .

Not really. I haven't been gaming at all so to speak. Just been so busy with real life, that I haven't found any time for games. I might try out Lime Odyssey when it releases, seeing as the release date is pushed back a few months, which is to my liking. I have a lot of things that I need to take care of before I come back into the fray.

Nice to hear from you again bro.
I been working,studying,watching anime,read manga,and a little of gaming.

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