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Riekus the Crimson Officer of Yokai


My Top 3 favorite Amvs/OP/END of the Week

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:(.meet me once in game:).btw u r best ever guild master i have met.:).i may not able to talk u so much buddy,but u r one of my great friend.:)

hey! ^_^ been a while... still in Wei? :/ you should come home to Wu

-.- and what about yours lol

Heyyyy Riekusss :O You still leader of CrimsonFangs? xD

Dine Was Here

what's up doing?

where are u bro?

heya riek whts up with CF? will u or any1 else come back to play or is it a dead guild now?
last few weeks none was online besides me ,pls say something about tht.
hope to hear from u m8 cya l8r

yes indeed Tenjou tenge is awsome ;)btw wow Luffy Vs. Enel AMV It's My Life is pretty awsome too you know :D:D:D

nice profile you got there ;)