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  • Name: Sakura
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  • Location: Slovakia
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Sakura storm ♥

when leaves are falling

Blurb About Me

I am known as MeowSakura, a ranger. I played all the other classes too, but kinda found myself attracted to the rogue style. Epic as ranger may seem to be, I slowly realised that playing ranger will always keep me handicaped for classes became more and more unballanced. I struggled long with this ... till one day other circumstances made me quit.

Thx to all that support me on my way, especially my dear friends from my guild - Eternity and few darkies that pushed me forward in their very own way.

PS i love all the kittens of the world


♥ :)
hey you!

♥so cuteeeee kitty♥ go away from my comp!!! jk =p ♥♥♥ hugs! and thanks alotttt♥


HAPPY HOLIDAYS MIAO !!! have a good one ! muahh!


Bunny meets kitteh , long time how have you been =)