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Awesome post +1

Rank, gear, costumes, pets....and I think I need a flak jacket in case Master chief pops up...OH! and patience...which I have none of, lol!
I may pop in yet...I was never a killer...more support anyway. xD way I'd ever catch up. =(

lol its been so long ago that i spoke to i caint even remember where i saw you

hey hey Invic

Your posts are always helpful and insightful; your contribution is greatly appreciated. +5

BOM BOM!! Karma n_n


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Blurb About Me

Hi Guys. As you know this is Former [GS]Amaranth, Guild Leader of Invictus, a ToS enforcing end game guild! If you ever have any complaints concerning my guild, email me at

Just thought I'd write something instead of leave this Blank.
I spend enough time on Shaiya, that I felt inclined to apply for a GS. I really enjoyed the time helping as a GS and hope to be again soon!

A Little About Myself;

My Name is Josh, 27 Years old, working on Bachelors In Economics.

My Interests, other than Shaiya are :
1. My Very Sweet Wife Sierra.
2. Cooking. I have a degree in Culinary Arts from Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. It's fun to cook fresh and get things season just to your preference.
3. Computer Graphics Design, Painting, Ceramics. When I feel i have some creative juices flowing I will try one of these for awhile. I'm not bad at what I do, but it doesn't provide me with enough challenge to do it full time.
4. Reading/Collecting first Edition books. Call me a Hoarder but I collect first editions in hope of profit some day, as well as a good read. As long as it isn't cheap romance, I'm in.
5. Blacksmithing. Yes I know how to make things out of iron. I also know some advanced techniques in Bladesmithing, and when it's not too hot or I have access to my tools I love this hobby.
6. Gardening. I kind of judge myself by how well a garden does. if It Flourishes, I have a good sense of well being.
7. Lastly, Sleeping.... I think this is an interest to everyone who plays this game. Even if brought about by zombie like addictions...

Just thought I'd write something to help you get to know me.


Toons you may Know:

70 UM Hunter Amaranth
30 UM Oracle -Aurora-
52 HM Warrior Antiquity
55 UM Warrior Testament
80 UM Guard Qaphsiel
30 UM Warrior Immortal

I also Play Dragon Knights Online, Same name there. Feel free to hit me uo for any questions regarding Shaiya or DKO!