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  • Name: Annelie "Ellie"
  • Gender: female
  • Location: Sweden
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Blurb About Me

My name is Ellie, im 26years old and most people reqognize me from ts1. Went by the names HellzeN/MissHottie/SugarLips/xYasutorax in all servers but i was mostly serenity fujin.

Im a tattoo artist/piercer, music loving, warm, open and honest girl from Sweden.

Hit me up if you see me or say hi! :)
Ingame name IHellAngelI | Guildmaster of TheGodz | R12

Fujins 4-life baby!


hello :P just saw ur comment now :P

haha i am not a noob i will own you :P jk

bub bub bubiiieee!




This is one of the greatest songs ever.. Awolnation - Sail
Listen and enjoy!