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time is impossible to gain back, once time is wasted u cant recover it, use ur time wisely and carefully, wasted time is a wasted life


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Another wonderful is starting! Feel every breath you breathe in as you wake up on your mornings and hear the lovely rhythm of your heart, that's your body telling you it's ready for another epic journey! Remember, don't let anyone or anything stop you from what you want to do on a daily basis. Keep doing what makes you happy and keep chasing your wildest dreams! Your imagination has no limits, keep dreaming big, keep working hard for your goals, because that day will come when all your efforts have not been for naught.

You are Awesome =3

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:D im friendly and easy going person ^^ i dont like people that bully, and i cant stand immuture people, i got addicited to aeria by mistake, ^^ and like it ever sence