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ProCap! passing by to say Hello..hoping all is well.

Thank you very much mate! =)

Saying hello to a Pro...come around sometimes say hello to the Forums


Hey Bro :)
Nice to meet u xD

Sucks you don't play anymore :(

cool profile bro ahhh so giving you karma

Random karma AtackZ.!!


Old Wolf Team Video

Latest Wolf Team Video and probably the last!


Blurb About Me

I have quit wolfteam and am no longer playing it. I have also asked the GMs to remove my GS tag. I appreciate all of you guys who were with me through these years. Its been a pleasure knowing you and playing along side you. Maybe in the summers I will play AVA or some other game but for now.. Farewell... I will miss all of you...terribly.

Thanks for the great times!

Z made this~ :D

My failed attempt at creating a Sig... LoLs