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Here are some siggys i did and i have a forum you can request on but easier to just pm me if you want one you know lol...^^

as you see i have my flow to it...I like my crazy colors and abstractness LOL...^^

Blurb About Me

hola people....i luv singing...anyways...this is hard to write something about me...ohhh i graduated in 2008...and i went to see my family in michigan for two weeks...which was sooo much fun...i luv my lil cousins....they are so cute...and yeah...after everything life has been great....I love my family and God...Both have played a big role in my life and i dont know what it would have been like with out them both in my life...Im Majoring in Child Development(i love working with lil kids they are soooo awwwsum!!!) and get my Associates Degree in American Sign Language(big reason why i started sign language was so i can communicate with my cousin and get my language out of the way but then i feel in love with it^^)...and i guess i basically told you all about myself LOL....


awsome work.. told my friends about ur sigs..

awah cute background ^_^, check your inbox hun ;p