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  • Name: Hayley
  • Gender: female
  • Location: Wellington New Zealand
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Playing: Scarlet Blade OBT

IGN: Mirielle

Class: Whipper

Server: Valkyrie


Fine, Aeria Games. Just don't let me add any videos. Not like i wanted to or anything -_-


This is good!

karma+5 for you ! :D

merr ur profile makes me feel like i am in a dark room with a lava lamp. -slips some karma under ur doorway-

Karma for u :)

Hello cool pic :D

Blurb About Me

Games, Anime, Manga, Drawing, Writing, Roleplaying online, Fenris, Alistair
That is all.

Not playing anything on console at the moment, been too busy with MMO's and have been trying out Blade and Soul OBT CN. Will soon be trying out Aura Kingdom's founder beta c: aww yiss.

Playing on Valkyrie server, IGN - Mirielle.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Come plaaayy~ ♥

If you have a PSN, do add me, i welcome all friend requests. My PSN is Peisinoe.