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Blurb About Me

For anyone waiting on Prizes, my apologies there is a very big event on in my home town this Thursday and my work is selling the tickets and (general information centre assistance). So I am pretty flat out until Sunday (Late Saturday probably for most)/ Again apologies I will try and get prizes to all those who have given me times asap.

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[Player Contest]Villains the Antagonist Inside - Pharwynd

If you have a Fan Art or Creative Section competition you would like me to place here as well and/or already placed here and have an image/badge you would like me to use for it. Send me a pm =)

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Legendary Fox Dynasty :Guild
Flytch (HM Archer) :Main Toon
Flytchess (UM Archer) : Main Toon (Temporary shelve)
GRB Fox Army
TauntedFox (UM 30 Defender)
SleepyFox (UM 30 Fighter)
ZombiFox (UM 30 Priest)

Pressie from PrincessBell ♥♥♥


OH MY GAWD u broke my wall T_T

D: I never get to talk to you now :(

rawr! :D

Ty for birthday wishes, sorry so late

ty ^^didnt even know it was posted untill you told me :D

*foxes crash tackle mauls hugs and licks face* hehehe guess whos back! =P

Been a while since i talked to ya. new (well new to me o.O) background looks good. :D