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Blurb About Me

Nice to meet you! Let me tell you something about myself. I like playing RPG games. I'm Chinese (don't get that mixed up with Japanese). I mainly listen to Kpop though I do listen to Cpop sometimes, but rarely any Jpop anymore. I have an addiction to watching dramas. I read Manga daily. My favorite color is green. When I get bored I start searching for cute stuff. I’m shy unless you talk to me more and get to know me. I also watch YouTube comedians. I would appreciate some karma :D.


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ur page is sooo pretty!

Haha I feel you xD . That's basically me...everyday .

Life's been..good ? I guess ? Mix and Match seems like a great show . Tell me when iKON get to make their debut btw *o*

Yep yep , I'm back ! :D I missed you too !! And sorry for the late reply x.x

Ty ~ Your still using the set I made you o: hehe ~

Omg I haven't forgotten about you at all!! I've just really busy lately so all I've been doing is updating on the new KPOP MV's! LOL
Soorrryyyy!! School just started for me also and I only got 3 hours of sleep and had a tennis match... DA STRUGGLES ARE REALLLL ;A;
Anyways, how have you been?

I just created one there named ''Astreal'' . Ow it's starts that soon ? Poor you guys D: .

I didn't know there was a new server *-* I'm definitely trying it *o*