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What Video Game Character Are You? I am Mr Do.I am Mr Do.
I am sedentary by nature, enjoying passive entertainment, eating when the mood takes me, and playing with my food. I try to avoid conflict, but when I'm angered, I can be a devil - if you force me to fight, I will crush you. With apples. What Video Game Character Are You?


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sorry to intrude onto your comment board, but through my avid lurking skills (actually it was just a random find) I can see that you're fond of mythology and fantasy, AND fftactics. to me that's like , "holy crap ermagersh this person's aweosme". With that, I want to ask if you want to help start an RP thread(s) in the forums, since I've gotten sorta bored of doing it in groups on Soon™ Games and Entertainment (AGE). I've lost track of what my point was and whatnot, but I'm good at contradicting myself. If you're just confused as I am, my point is, I wanna ask if you'd like to help me out with making an RP revolving around mythology in the forums here. if you don't know what an RP is then nvm.

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Blurb About Me

I have decided it is time that I share with you all about how the name Norn and the character came about. We will fast forward a bit, after I had watched a friend of mine play FFXI and chosen a Hume character, some things had happened and I just was not happy with the character. I started playing FFXI in the early to mid 2000's. My Journey into Vana'diel lasted for 5 long years. As I said, not being happy with my Hume character, I decided to totally re start, in the same city of San'doria with a Mithra character and starting slowly telling my friends who I was. Norn was made that day. Norn was pretty and still is a part of me to this day. She is a sarcastic witty character but also is not afraid of adventure but also cautious as to what her limits are and survey's what monsters she is able to take on and not.

Norn was mostly known for her jobs as a Black Mage, mostly used in a lot of events with my spell casting power with magic bursts. Massive damage off of a skill chain that two melee characters would make. Norn then went onto moving into the White Mage job who's healing, protective, restorative and resurrection spells came through. Summoner was another job that came to Norn's liking, this time it was mostly summoning a diety or an elemental to aid her in battle to use their skills to aid her companions or damage an enemy. Norn then turned to two other jobs, Monk and Ninja, Monk being more of a damage dealing class and Ninja she chose to help in dynamis to be the main tank when she was needed to.

I remember a lot of fond memories and friends I made along the way. There were so many sticky situations I was able to get out of and some humorous moments as well. I remember doing a Chains of Promathia mission in Monarch Linn, it was a bcnm mission. It was against the mammets. I was the only one left, the healer White Mage. The last Mammet and I left, kiting for my life, I cast dia then bio when dia had worn off and we won! My group had tried a few times, it was definitely a heart pumping moment but also satisfying we were able to finish the mission at last. I stopped playing the game because it was becoming not fun for me anymore. A lot of the people and friends I made started to move on and stopped playing. I was fortunate enough near the end to make wonderful friendships with a group of players from Japan who took me into their event linkshells and finish up some gear Norn could use for her jobs. After that group had broken, I felt there really was nothing left for me to do since I had done just about everything. All that was left for me was doing campaign in the past, I never finished Wings of the Goddess.

I felt really sad and bad the day I had quit, one of my friends was very sad I did, him and I hung out a lot together online and still consider him a brother and best friend to me to this day and we still stay in contact. I try to incorporate Norn's personality, which has a lot of similarities of my own into the games I play. Friendly, fun, witty, funny and caring who is always up for an adventure and playing with friends. I hope you all enjoyed reading a little back story about Norn. I have a lot more stories to share and do not mind sharing them with you all if any of my friends ever want to hear of them. I also have added new music that is memorable to me and to Norn.